13 Extremely Easy to Make Your Clothes Last a Long Time

Apparently, there can never be too many clothes maintenance tips. Most of you enjoy shopping and refreshing your wardrobe contents, but there are those pieces that you particularly like and wish to be able to enjoy them longer. Check out this humongous tips list:

  1. Sort out the clothes before washing. In other words, separate the fabrics in terms of colour (white or dark), lightness (or heaviness), and lastly, never wash towels with the rest of the clothes.
  2. Be aware of the washing machine capacity. When the machine is not overloaded, clothes have more space to move which means higher efficiency. Also, you reduce the risk of damaging the clothes.
  3. Jeans should be washed inside out. It may sound strange, but this method preserves the colour of them.
  4. Most clothes can be worn more than once in between washing. Obviously, this excludes underwear.
  5. Dry cleaning isn’t always the best idea. There are two downsides to dry cleaning – it’s expensive and utilizes strong chemicals. The former damages your wallet, while the latter damages your clothes. You can still dry clean your clothes, but make sure it’s only when absolutely necessary. You also can use steamer instead by buying the top steamer.
  6. Clothes hangers quality and material really matter. Bad, easy to bend wire hangers will make the clothes lose its shape, mostly around the shoulders. That being said, you should invest in getting stronger wood hangers.
  7. Zip, tie and stick. To elaborate, zip the zippers, tie everything that is supposed to be tied and stick all the Velcro pieces before putting clothes in the washing machine. Most people actually do the exact opposite, which is a mistake.
  8. Get a clothes steamer. It has a lot of advantages over ironing and dry cleaning. It’s more efficient and faster than ironing, and it’s much less aggressive on the fabric than dry cleaning. You will refresh your clothes in no time. There are also a lot of steaming hacks around, in case you don’t own at home steamer for clothes.
  9. Place shoes and bags in dust bags. This way you provide protection from dust and moisture.
  10. Direct sunlight can hurt the fabric. That being said, you should store your clothes in dry, cool areas.
  11. Take the plastic dry cleaning covers away. Suits and other clothes that are worn every once in a while, depending on the occasion, should never be left in the wardrobe with the same plastic bag that was on them when you picked them up from the cleaner’s. It invites moisture and heat, which is never good for the fabric.
  12. Rotation is key. You have all had a few pieces that you never wish to get out from, but that way you wear them out much, much faster. Changing your clothes on a daily basis will make it last longer.
  13. Avoid the dryer when possible. When you are not in a hurry to have your clothes dry after washing, go for air drying instead of placing them in the dryer. It’s much gentler.



There are tons of additional tips for preserving the quality and freshness of your clothes for a long time, but one can never get to them all. Try the 13 mentioned above and you will notice a difference without a doubt.